Edgy Leather Pouf - Molasses

Edgy Leather Pouf - Molasses


Poufs can serve many different purposes in your space, whether they are used as an ottoman, additional seating, an end table, for aesthetic, or, our personal favorite use, for all those things! If you are looking to add a versatile and functional piece to your space, one of our genuine Moroccan Poufs is likely the answer you've been looking for. These pair well with basically any style of space, but don't be afraid to pair them with one of our floor cushions to add some extra character to any room.

Made with genuine leather.

All of our poufs are shipped flat. Try stuffing them with newspaper, old clothes, quilts, pillows, and blankets, or Poly-Fil pillow stuffing!

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 24" W x 24" L x 15" D (depth will vary depending on how tightly you pack your pouf)

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NOTE: All Merchant Collective goods are curated from communities across the world. We choose only items we would love to incorporate into our own home, with a large preference for old and antique goods, meaning there is normal wear and tear according to their age and their country of origin. We believe these imperfections are what give our goods life and worth, so please anticipate pieces that have aged well. Please thoroughly read descriptions to find any declaration of age or beautiful signs of a well-lived life. Handmade goods, aged to perfection, and never manufactured. That’s what we do.