Esther Area Rug

Esther Area Rug


The most antique rug in The Merchant Collective's inventory, the Esther Area Rug dates between 150-250 years old. It's history is told through its beautiful shade of pink, faded from the original dark red and the well-worn spots where table legs stood for years inside its creator's home. We instantly fell in love with this breathtaking relic upon laying eyes on it for the first time in Marrakech and we are confident that when you open up the package containing this precious floor covering, you will be completely and totally enamored as well. Lying this treasure upon your own floors or hanging as a tapestry on your wall will undoubtedly connect you, heart and home, to an artist across the planet. 

PRODUCT NOTES: This spectacular rug has been on this planet for roughly two centuries and has not escaped wear and tear. There were two holes that were patched in Marrakech by a professional rug repair person and blend well into the rug, but know upon purchase that this rug, while heirloom quality, is an heirloom herself. But, if you ask us, she still looks mighty fine for 200 hundred years old. 

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NOTE: All Merchant Collective goods are curated from communities across the world. We choose only items we would love to incorporate into our own home, with a large preference for old and antique goods, meaning there is normal wear and tear according to their age and their country of origin. We believe these imperfections are what give our goods life and worth, so please anticipate pieces that have aged well. Please thoroughly read descriptions to find any declaration of age or beautiful signs of a well-lived life. Handmade goods, aged to perfection, and never manufactured. That’s what we do.